• When the time comes to sell your home, you want an agent with credibility and passion. There are many ways to find credible agents, but there are also ways to find agents that aren’t committed. They are all over, its just a matter of finding the right one. At Pivot Modern, we want to provide clients with an amazing experience selling their home, while getting the best sale price in the fastest time.

    • Browse their website and note the quality of their website and look for testimonials.
    • Don’t fully be influenced by advertising that you see from the realtor.
    • If the realtor is advertising with billboards, this probably means that they wouldn’t even
      be the realtor selling your house.
    • Find an agent with experience and results.
    • Ask around, seeing if anyone you talk to has heard of the agent your thinking about
      using, or if they recommend another agent.
    • Personality is KEY. Find an agent that is approachable, charismatic, and well-connected.
    • Good personality in an agent alone can make a buyer purchase your home.

  • Interview your agent by talking to them over the phone or seeing them in person.

    After these steps determine whether you are confident in your agent. If you connect with your agent on a personal level, then buyers will too. The outcome of your listing is dependent on your property but also on your agent. There are so many agents out there make sure that you find the agent that provides the most value for your property.